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The new Hantweb feature slider is here

We were looking for a great way to display related content that may be too long or large to be comfortably fitted onto a devices screen. We wanted this content to either be scrolled via a mouse or simply swiped into view should the user be on a touchscreen / mobile device.

Up Front 2015

The tag line for Up Front 2015 (Manchester) was simply: A front-end conference for anyone who makes for the web. Education is a continual process so, as part of my professional development, this looked like the ideal place to find out who else does “stuff”, why they do it, how they do it and can […]

June 3 2015

Development Research

User Experience (UX)

Registration services

Work has been progressing over the last couple of months on rebuilding the registration service on Hantsweb. Here’s a current work in progress on the homepage: This shows the common features of the template as applied to statutory content. In this case, registration services are also actively trying to promote Hampshire for weddings. We’re […]

Waste and recycling – completing the circle

Domestic waste search (what do I do with…?) – this search lets you find a type of waste and then tells you what you can do with it! A few hyperlinks need to be added to some of the text, but otherwise complete. Find your nearest recycling centre:… – this pulls together and […]

February 12 2015


content strategy content types

February 9 2015


prototypes Releases

What’s new in the Hantsweb template?

LIVE Film Hampshire has gone live in the new template: This site is HCC but geared around marketing and promotion – hence the use of the navigation bar across all pages. It’s a much fresher site than the old one and one that attempts to blend task-based design with promotional elements. PROTOTYPING We are […]

January 15 2015


prototypes Releases

What’s new in the Hantsweb template?

School term dates A fairly simple update to the older page. The underlying data remains the same, but with a clearer layout, in-context download options, and with the next/current holiday pulled out and highlighted. The current page is here for comparison: Our Performance A simple set of performance measures, as a handy […]

December 14 2014


prototypes Releases

Unobtrusive JavaScript

In this post, I’ll be describing the key concepts and aims of our approach to streamlining and consolidating our JavaScript development.


May 23 2014


JavaScript Responsive Design

A new theme for Hantsweb blogs

If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog (unlikely I know!), you might notice some changes around here now. That’s right – the blog has been given the Hantsweb treatment!

new theme

May 5 2014

Design Development


The Alpha of Hantsweb has (quietly) arrived!

We’re really proud of the way the design has come together as its own identity – one that feels like a natural evolution of existing Hantsweb, while also remaining mindful of the concepts and best practice of sites like GOV.UK.


April 14 2014