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Registration services

Work has been progressing over the last couple of months on rebuilding the registration service on Hantsweb. Here’s a current work in progress on the homepage: This shows the common features of the template as applied to statutory content. In this case, registration services are also actively trying to promote Hampshire for weddings. We’re […]

Comics to communicate

I’ve been reading a bit recently about using comics to communicate ideas, processes, instructions – anything really. Here’s one I’ve put together as a simple example: It’s a little rough in parts, but is intentionally simple in order to communicate how the permits scheme works. It wouldn’t replace the more detailed content needed – […]

Do you really need an app for that?

Very insightful article by Paul Boag.

February 28 2015

Research Resources

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Waste and recycling – completing the circle

Domestic waste search (what do I do with…?) – this search lets you find a type of waste and then tells you what you can do with it! A few hyperlinks need to be added to some of the text, but otherwise complete. Find your nearest recycling centre:… – this pulls together and […]

February 12 2015


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February 9 2015


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What’s new in the Hantsweb template?

LIVE Film Hampshire has gone live in the new template: This site is HCC but geared around marketing and promotion – hence the use of the navigation bar across all pages. It’s a much fresher site than the old one and one that attempts to blend task-based design with promotional elements. PROTOTYPING We are […]

January 15 2015


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Indicating required and optional fields

Been looking at best practice for indicating required and optional fields in forms as we are very inconsistent. This article is very informative, with lots of research cited “During testing we frequently observe users having a laser-focus on the current field as they progress throughout the form – especially as they enter a new […]

December 16 2014

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What’s new in the Hantsweb template?

School term dates A fairly simple update to the older page. The underlying data remains the same, but with a clearer layout, in-context download options, and with the next/current holiday pulled out and highlighted. The current page is here for comparison: Our Performance A simple set of performance measures, as a handy […]

December 14 2014


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Thanks for your feedback on Libraries

A week or so ago we put out a link to the new libraries site with a feedback form and asked you all to take a look and let us know all the things wrong with the site. We got around 80 forms submitted from people all over the organisations and we would like to […]


September 5 2014


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Why working together makes better websites

The rebuild of the library service website in the new Hantsweb templates has been an exciting and challenging project. The previous library site had saround 550 pages and the rebuild has included reviewing all of these, rewriting many of them and introducing a new blog into the mix. It goes without saying that we have […]


September 1 2014