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Rethinking responsive navigation – a real world case study

A little case study describing revisions to the Hantsweb navigation.

December 29 2015


Responsive Design User Interface (UI)

Unobtrusive JavaScript

In this post, I’ll be describing the key concepts and aims of our approach to streamlining and consolidating our JavaScript development.


May 23 2014


JavaScript Responsive Design

Responsive design won’t fix your content problem

Even companies that want to take a “mobile first” approach can’t just throw off the shackles of their desktop content. For some, suggesting the organization “start fresh” with new content would be organizational suicide, touching the political third rail of stakeholders and competing interests. Others acknowledge it’s time for a new approach, but need processes […]

November 28 2013


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Responsive ≠ Linear

I’ve written previously about the grid system at the core of the Hantsweb template, and the methods by which it has been designed to work “mobile and up”. The concepts are sound, and have been working well, until we hit a “yes, but”, and just recently I hit one of those. Working through page content […]

November 27 2013

Design Development

Mobile Responsive Design

Navigating Hantsweb

More than anything else, Hantsweb has always been offered as a platform for providing websites from organisations based in, or providing services to, Hampshire. The Hampshire County Council site is the largest, but by no means the only part of Hantsweb. Navigating a wide range of sites, some of which have a deep and complex […]

Responsive by default

The web is responsive on its own—by default. It’s us that’s been breaking it all these years by placing content in fixed-width containers. Source: Andy Hume, http://blog.andyhume.net/responsive-by-default/

September 30 2013


Responsive Design

Responsive Adverts

Whether we like it or not, ads on the web (in some form) aren’t going anywhere. And because of the responsive web design movement, more and more discussions are taking place surrounding how to handle ads (especially large ones) at certain breakpoints.

September 30 2013


Responsive Design


The core BBC mobile experience is 8 requests and weighs 67KB, and the enhanced experience is 18 requests and weighs 124KB Worth noting. Optimise, optimise, optimise.

September 30 2013


Responsive Design

Grids & responsiveness

A solid and flexible grid is perhaps the core foundation of a modern responsive website. Grid based design is nothing new – print designers have been using grids for decades – understanding how to match the dimensions (margins, gutters, vertical rhythm) of their grid to the typefaces they’ve chosen. Only in very recent years, with […]

September 26 2013

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