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Up Front 2015

The tag line for Up Front 2015 (Manchester) was simply: A front-end conference for anyone who makes for the web. Education is a continual process so, as part of my professional development, this looked like the ideal place to find out who else does “stuff”, why they do it, how they do it and can […]

June 3 2015

Development Research

User Experience (UX)

User Experience – Mobile Libraries Web Site Review

As part of a review of the Mobile Libraries web site, we wanted to ensure that the users of the service were receiving the right information in the best format available from the site: http://www3.hants.gov.uk/library/library-servicesforyou/mobile-libraries.htm As we have no immediate experience of what other men feel, we can form no idea of the manner in […]

April 28 2015


User Experience (UX) user testing

Comics to communicate

I’ve been reading a bit recently about using comics to communicate ideas, processes, instructions – anything really. Here’s one I’ve put together as a simple example: http://www3.hants.gov.uk/wastepermits.htm It’s a little rough in parts, but is intentionally simple in order to communicate how the permits scheme works. It wouldn’t replace the more detailed content needed – […]

A more inviting ‘more’ button

Proposed change to full width “show more” type buttons to be a little more inviting.


February 12 2014


Ideas User Experience (UX)

Knowing me, knowing you

Rough thoughts on managing identities and authentication for services that require secured personalisation.


December 6 2013


Ideas User Experience (UX)

Designing Domains

This might well be viewed as over-reaching in terms of web design and User Experience. That being said, I wanted to share my thoughts and observations on the role and value of the .hants.gov.uk (Hantsweb) domain, and the challenges that would manifest if key services were moved away from it. URL and domain design is as […]

November 12 2013


Ideas User Experience (UX)

Navigating Hantsweb

More than anything else, Hantsweb has always been offered as a platform for providing websites from organisations based in, or providing services to, Hampshire. The Hampshire County Council site is the largest, but by no means the only part of Hantsweb. Navigating a wide range of sites, some of which have a deep and complex […]

Type casting

Generally, most of a web page (and certainly most of the pages we serve) are made up of text. Typography is at the core of the approach we’ve taken with the template. Indeed, a lot of the templates measurements and responsive adaptations are reliant on the typography in the site.

September 30 2013

Design Research

HTML User Experience (UX)


One thing we really embraced from day one of the design process was to sketch, draw and doodle. Even before opening up the browser or a graphics application, we sketched. Sketching as we talked produced some awful, rough, crude and blocky ideas – but they were the seeds – the starting point from which to […]

September 26 2013


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