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The new Hantweb feature slider is here

We were looking for a great way to display related content that may be too long or large to be comfortably fitted onto a devices screen. We wanted this content to either be scrolled via a mouse or simply swiped into view should the user be on a touchscreen / mobile device.

Rethinking responsive navigation – a real world case study

A little case study describing revisions to the Hantsweb navigation.

December 29 2015


Responsive Design User Interface (UI)

Registration services

Work has been progressing over the last couple of months on rebuilding the registration service on Hantsweb. Here’s a current work in progress on the homepage: http://www3.hants.gov.uk/registration.htm This shows the common features of the template as applied to statutory content. In this case, registration services are also actively trying to promote Hampshire for weddings. We’re […]

Comics to communicate

I’ve been reading a bit recently about using comics to communicate ideas, processes, instructions – anything really. Here’s one I’ve put together as a simple example: http://www3.hants.gov.uk/wastepermits.htm It’s a little rough in parts, but is intentionally simple in order to communicate how the permits scheme works. It wouldn’t replace the more detailed content needed – […]

Indicating required and optional fields

Been looking at best practice for indicating required and optional fields in forms as we are very inconsistent. This article is very informative, with lots of research cited baymard.com/blog/required-optional-form-fields “During testing we frequently observe users having a laser-focus on the current field as they progress throughout the form – especially as they enter a new […]

December 16 2014

Design Research

HTML Ideas User Interface (UI)

Stepped process visual indicators

A selection of concepts for indicating progress through a stepped/multipart process.


February 12 2014

Design Research

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Sketching into HTML

In this post, I want to share some of the sketches I’ve produced as part of the Hantsweb template project, and demonstrate how sketching can take us from concept to reality.


February 12 2014


User Interface (UI)

Navigating Hantsweb

More than anything else, Hantsweb has always been offered as a platform for providing websites from organisations based in, or providing services to, Hampshire. The Hampshire County Council site is the largest, but by no means the only part of Hantsweb. Navigating a wide range of sites, some of which have a deep and complex […]


One thing we really embraced from day one of the design process was to sketch, draw and doodle. Even before opening up the browser or a graphics application, we sketched. Sketching as we talked produced some awful, rough, crude and blocky ideas – but they were the seeds – the starting point from which to […]

September 26 2013


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