Testing the new purchasing pages

Jess Redway, November 7 2016

As usual we want to give a big thank you to everyone who helped with testing the new pages for purchasing. There were some tricky tasks for this lot of testing, but we are really pleased with the results and grateful for all the useful feedback we received. Your support makes a real difference to the site and helps us improve.

Email testing

19 testers took part in the testing. Most testers had purchasing experience but 4 had no experience of purchasing. As usual each tester was given 10 tasks.

The results

Testers were asked to complete a feedback form for each task. 107 forms were returned in total with at least 5 responses for each task.

Testers were asked if they managed to find the right information to complete each task.

  • All 20 tasks had a majority success rate
  • 13 out of 20 tasks where successfully completed by all testers who responded


Graph showing numbers of testers who completed or did not complete each task


Tasks where more then one tester did not manage to find the correct information were:

Can I add an explanatory note to a simple cart for my approver? Feedback on the form for this task suggests it may have been an issue with the wording of the task and in particular the testers were confused by the term ‘simple shop’ and not sure what the task referred to.

I need to block a payment, what do I do? Feedback from the testers suggested they had to work quite hard to find this information as the title in the guide was not clear enough.

 need to change the delivery address, what do I do? Two of the testers could not find this information at all. Feedback given said they were looking in the ‘raising a cart’ guidance.

I need to pay an invoice for 600 Euros, what payment method should I use. Though most seemed to find the information there was some confusion around the process and questioning the limits on p-cards as they are higher for foreign currency. Two testers said that even though they had found the information they would also phone to double check.


Face to face testing with CIC call taker

The CIC call taker undertook the same tasks as the email testers with a member of the web team watching and taking notes.

Similar issues were raised as with the email testing.


Actions taken from testing

  • Labelling and use of technical terms has been reviewed to make sure we are using terminology the user would understand and avoiding jargon.
  • Navigation to and titling of information on blocking payment has been improved with links added to key parts of the process.
  • Navigation to information on changing a delivery address has been improved with links added to the ‘raising a cart’ guidance.
  • Information on limits for p-cards has been reviewed and changes made to clarify what limits are for what type of payment.

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