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Jess Redway, December 10 2015

If you happened to take a look at my recent post on card testing you will already be vaguely aware that we are working really hard on some changes to the HR information for staff. This is part of a big programme of work to try and help you do the things you need to to more easily (like book some leave and make sure you are being paid the right amount).

Right now we are in the middle of building the first small step that will bring the HR policy information for Hampshire County Council staff and the functional guidance on how to use ESS Lite and the Portal together. This should mean that you can find out how much leave you should have and how you book it all in the same place.

To do this we have audited over 1000 HR intranet pages with the help of some very patient staff in HR and then making all the relevant information into new pages to sit alongside the existing portal help pages on Hantweb in a newly structured site.

Once we have done this ‘lift and shift’ of policy for HCC we will be moving the H3 shared services information for Hampshire Constabulary and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service into this new site. Future stages will also look at how we can rewrite and structure information for key tasks better to improve the user journeys and make it simpler to find the information you want without having to hunt through lots of information you don’t want.

Sounds good…so what do we need your help for?

The only way we can check that changes we put in place are working is by testing with real people to check that they can find what they need. Feedback from testing also helps us to see where the gaps are in the information and areas we really need to focus on as they really aren’t making the grade.

For the first phase of the ‘lift and shift’ of HCC policy and support information we are going to be having the new site live as a beta for a couple of weeks over christmas in order to give us a really good opportunity to test it with as many people as possible before we take all the old information off the intranet for the 4 January.

Over the week of the 21 December we will be testing the new site in a range of ways and if you are about during that week you can help too.

Ways you can test the new site

There are two ways you can test the site for us depending on how much time you can spare.

If you have an hour (or more) spare at any time that week you can sign up to be an official tester just by dropping me a note (email or yammer is fine). We will send you some key tasks to try and complete on the new site and a feedback form so you can tell us how it went. It’s easy, you can do it any time over the week, and it will make sure we test every bit of the site with the people who are going to be using it.

if you can’t spare an hour then you can still help. If you use the new site at all to find out about any HR task then you will see that there is a feedback form on the bottom of every web page. If you notice any issues with the pages or have problems finding the information you are looking for then take a moment to use the form and drop us a note.

Other testing we are doing

During this week we will be do a range of other testing to try and make sure that any major problems with the site are picked up before the 4 January.

We are planning to test with call takers in the CIC, who have a wealth of experience about what questions people have and can really get down to the detail. HR service experts and the HR helpdesk will also be asked to check the site to make sure that the documents and information we have added are all correct, up to date and in the right places so that when you all come back from your Christmas holiday it will all be ship shape and ready  to go.

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